Green Style That is Effortless

October 12, 2017
Amour Vert


Green style that is classically chic!  I have had my eye on Amour Vert for quite some time now.  I love perusing their site as well as indulging in their latest catalog.


Amour Vert means Green Love in French.  They walk the walk and talk the talk, with “sustainable fabrics, nontoxic dyes, and ethical practices.”  Not only are their clothes beautiful, but when you purchase one of their tees, they will plant a TREE!  How awesome is that?!


As their name states they are a green company with classic French style.  Their clothes are not cheap, because they are made well and the people who make them are paid well.  With that in mind, you know that their pieces are worth it!  Even if you have to save up for some.  You can guarantee you will receive a quality product that you will be able to wear for years and will still be in style!



Here are a few items I recently purchased:


Gray t-shirt dress
Green Style gray dress

Took this photo really quickly on my way out the door- LOVE how comfy it is!

Black tee
 Green Style black tee


Oatmeal long tee (with the back longer than the front)
 Green Style oatmeal top



Green Style flat lay


Green Style scarf


Check out Amour Vert and let me know what you think!  Share your favorite look!


As always, thank you hanging out here with me!  If you have any questions, I am here to help!



With Love,

Three Ways to Look Stylish Everyday

October 5, 2017
Look Stylish Everyday and quickly
Here are three ways to look stylish everyday, especially when in a hurry!
Are you ever in a rush to get ready?  Do you wake up in the morning, look into your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear?  Well you are not alone!


Sometimes we do not have time to plan our outfits the night before.  So I am going to show you how to take a simple outfit: white t-shirt, denim (shorts or jeans), and booties/flats/shoe of your choice and step it up a notch!


Look stylish everyday starter outfit

Here is my basic outfit that I will build upon.


It is easy to look stylish everyday, even when you have little time.  You just need to know the tricks to do so 😉


The easiest and fastest way to upgrade a look is to ADD something!  Let me show you 3 ways you can do this:


Look stylish everyday fall scarf


Look stylish everyday easy outfit

The first option is to add a scarf.  I chose a lightweight scarf that you can wear any time of year.  Feel free to choose a chunky knit scarf if it is cold outside.  Select a scarf that is an opposing color from your t-shirt.  If I was wearing a black tee then a brown scarf would make the look very dark.  It all depends on the look you are going for and the location you are headed to.  It makes it almost too easy to look stylish in a hurry!


Look stylish everyday cardigan
Look stylish everyday simple outfit
The second idea is to throw on a cardigan.  You can select any cardigan (just like the scarf) based on the season.  I tend to wear a lot of neutrals (hence the brown scarf and the gray cardigan), but if bright colors are your thing, then rock your bright yellow cardigan girl!  A cardigan is also a great option to carry with you depending on what your plans are for the day.  Personally, I tend to get chilly quickly, so a simple cardigan is easy to throw on to warm up.


Look stylish every day quilted vest
Look stylish everyday ralph lauren vest
The final option is a vest.  Now a puffy, quilted vest with short denim shorts is not the first look you think of…  I would probably opt to wear this with ankle jeans and booties, but this is what I had available for my shoot 😊  The main suggestion is to add a vest.  Your vest could be a sweater, denim, black, or even velvet (which is a HUGE trend this season).  Your options are endless!  But a vest is not something you think of right away, but it is an amazing option when you’re in a pinch or even when you plan ahead!



Let me know, what are your go-to options to look stylish everyday?  I would love to get more ideas!


As always, thank you hanging out here with me!  If you have any questions, I am here to help!


With Love,



5 Ways to Style Faux Leather Leggings

September 21, 2017
Faux Leather Leggings five ways to style
Faux Leather Leggings are going to be a staple in my Fall wardrobe.


I have just two questions for you:
1 Do you love leggings?
2 Would you like to look stylish, pretty, and maybe even… Sexy in leggings?
Then I have the pants for you!


Keep reading to see how I styled my new Faux Leather Leggings from Spanx (yes, the only thing I own, so far, by Spanx).
Who knew Spanx had fun leggings for younger women?!  AND they are comfy!!  Check and check.


Faux Leather Leggings gray sweater
Faux Leather Leggings cozy sweater
Style #1  Cozy
This look includes cozy sweater and ankle boots.  It is a great option for a chilly Fall/Winter night.  The sweater  is comfortable and the boots make the outfit chic.  You could always throw on a pair of slouchy boots or flats if you don’t want to wear heels.


Faux Leather Leggings white shirt

Faux Leather Leggings classic white shirt

Style #2  Classic
A (not so) classic white shirt and I paired it with the ankle boots again.  I wanted to show you how you can really change a look by just switching up one piece.  I love this top because it is flowy and it comes tied at the bottom and with tabs on the sleeves to keep them rolled.  The only thing is that the shirt is a tad see-through, so be careful or wear a tank underneath.  I would probably choose a nude color tank over a white tank just because it will blend in better.


Faux Leather Leggings leather jacket

Faux Leather Leggings leather jacket white tee

 Style #3  Edgy
As I’ve said before, I live in a leather jacket in the fall.  So of course, I had to put together a look that included a black leather jacket.  I am also a big fan of white t-shirts, there is just something so simple yet alluring about them.  You can dress up this look with pumps (like in the photo) or velvet flats (velvet is big this season) or down with moto boots or OTK (over-the-knee) boots


Faux Leather Leggings everyday outfit

Faux Leather Leggings gray tee shirt

Style #4  Everyday
Want an excuse to wear these super cute leggings while running errands or headed to class?  Then pair them with a causal tee and a long necklace.  I selected flats for this look because, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like running around in heels all day 😊  Wedges… maybe.  You could easily pair this with flat boots as well.


Faux Leather Legging sweatshirt

Faux Leather Leggings casual

Style #5  Super Casual
Then last, but not least… here is a way to make these pants very casual, just slip on a comfy sweatshirt of your choice.  I went with a long pullover with a cold-shoulder cut out and threw on my (10 year old) Chucks.  (I know, I know, they look their age).  This look is perfect for a lazy Sunday or a movie night with your girlfriends.


There are my 5 looks for styling faux leather leggings.  I hope you can now see there are endless options of how to put together an outfit with these pants 🙂
Let me know how YOU style these leggings (or ones similar)!  I would LOVE to see what you came up with!


As always, thank you hanging out here with me!  If you have any questions, I am here to help!



With Love,
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Cozy Sweaters + Books I’m Loving Right Now

September 19, 2017
Cozy Sweaters and books
It is that time of year again!  Cozy sweaters, warm fires and pumpkin EVERYTHING!  (side note: did you know that O’Fallon Brewery has a pumpkin beer pack?  You get like 4-5 different pumpkin flavored beers- my husband loves it!)
Ok back to fashion 😊
So I know that depending on where you live, it may or may not be chilly at night yet.  I like to transition my sweaters from summer to fall by wearing them with shorts or skirts now and with denim or leggings later.  In this post, I wore the same pair of destressed jeans and peep-toe wedges to show how just changing up your top (and sometimes your bag) can give you an entirely different look.  AKA more options with less clothes!


Cozy Sweaters Navy Cardigan

Cozy Sweaters Cardigan

1. Here is my knit cardigan.  I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo, but it is actually a navy-blue thread sewn in with white.  I love the length of this cardigan and the fact that it is light weight.  You can throw it on with a tank like I did, or wear it with a basic t-shirt or even a simple dress.  The color is neutral, so long as you wear it with a non-patterned top it goes with almost everything.  This is one sweater that I do not wear with shorts because it is longer than most of my shorts 😊


Cozy Sweaters Cold Shoulder

Cozy Sweaters Gray Sweater

2. Next I have a chunky light gray sweater that has one cold shoulder.  I love a chunky sweater. I think that they are so warm and cozy!  Then the cold shoulder adds a little surprise.  I paired it with a clutch because a shoulder bag would take away from the flair of the exposed shoulder.  This sweater is definitely the heaviest of three in my post, so I would make sure to wear it when I know I am going to be chilly outside or inside with the A/C.  ie: it is perfect for the movie theater.


Cozy Sweaters Black Sweater

Cozy Sweaters Deep V Sweater

3. Then last but not least, the long (& soft) black sweater.  I bought this sweater last year and I just love it. It has a great V neckline and I love the long length.  I ended up buying it in heater gray too since I loved it so much!  The length makes it great for leggings as well or casually tucked into denim shorts.  The only thing I would note is that you may want to layer a tank underneath if you know you will be bending down (to play with your children, at a party, to pet an adorable pet, etc) because the deep V and blousy fit makes it so you can see right down the front when you bend over.  But with a cute tank, you have nothing to worry about.



Cozy sweaters are amazing this time of year AND throughout the Fall/Winter.
I hope these options inspire you to put together some new outfits or go out and buy some new cozy sweaters to add to your wardrobe!




I don’t know about you… but I am a big fan of books!  My dream come true is an afternoon spent in Barnes & Noble with a venti Starbucks latte (swoon)!  So I want to share some of my favorite books with you (new and old) that I have recently read (or currently reading) that I am loving!


Into the Water

Into the Water by: Paula Hawkins

Paula Hawkins also wrote, The Girl on the Train which (don’t judge me) I did not really get into.  I liked the movie better to be honest.  But anyway, this dark psychological thriller was right up my alley.  The twists and turns kept you guessing right up until the end.  So fun!


Big Magic by: Elizabeth Gilbert

Liz Gilbert also wrote, Eat Pray Love.  I fell in love with her writing from the moment I picked up Eat Pray Love.  And Big Magic was no different.  The way she explained creativity, fear, and success had me smiling and/or laughing throughout the book.  There is also some tough love, but also some great inquisitive thoughts to ponder.  I love how she turned around the famous quote of “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” to “What would you do EVEN IF you knew that you might very well fail?”.  What an amazing question.  What are you willing to suffer for?  What is worth the pain?  An absolutely amazing read!


At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenrider

You may know her by her book, Notes from a Blue Bike.  I am a big fan of travel and so of course I enjoy reading about travel as well.  Tsh does an amazing job describing her travels around the world in vivid detail all while keeping your rapt attention.  Her fearless approach to whisking her family away to learn and explore as they travel the world is so inspiring for me (hope-to-be-mom-one-day)!  But in the meantime, I thoroughly enjoy living vicariously through her via the pages of her book.



Ok now it’s your turn!  What are the book(s) you are currently reading and loving?  What genres do you typically lean towards?


As always, thank you hanging out here with me!  If you have any questions, I am here to help!


With Love,



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Must-Have Skin Care Products- Here Are My Top 6

September 16, 2017
Must-Have Skin Care Products Beauty
Ladies, you have to have a good skin care routine!  I suggest starting this routine in your 20s, but if you are already in your 30s (like me) then you definitely need to make the time to take care of your skin.  If you want to learn more about what top items I use, keep reading for my 6 Must-Have Skin Care Products!


I have tried so many products from drug store brands to department store luxury items.  Then last year, I wiped the slate clean and now I only purchase “clean” products.  If I cannot read the ingredients on the label, then I do not buy it.


 Must-Have Skin Care Products


Below is my tried and true list of products that I use every day.  If you are interested in my weekend routine, which includes extra time and care, let me know and I will be happy to do another post!


Let me first introduce you to my skin…
Hi, I’m oily in the T-zone and dry to normal on my cheeks.  I break out during that special week of the month and sometimes when I eat too much dairy.
This is important to note so that you will understand why I use certain products and why I do not use others.  Everyone’s skin is different.  Do what works well for you.   Check out the brands I list below, because I guarantee something will work well for you!



Here are my 6 Must-Have Skin Care Products:

(I am listing them in the order that I use them each day)


  1.  Skin Essence Fresh Facial Cleanser: I love this cleanser because it is oil based and is cleansing enough for my T-zone and gentle enough for my cheeks. It is my go-to cleanser and it has lasted me quite a while!  And as a bonus, it smells good too 😊
 Must-Have Skin Care Products Skin Essence


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Toner: Say what? Yes, I actually put that stinky stuff on my face every morning.  And I made the concoction up myself.  One part vinegar to three parts water.  I shake it before using it and I just put it on a cotton pad and swipe it over my face.  Make sure to concentrate on the areas that need extra cleansing or that are breaking out.  Since using this toner, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin.
 Must-Have Skin Care Products Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Organic Lavender Toner: Now this toner is a little different because it comes in a spray bottle. I like to spray this on my face after the ACV toner has all soaked in.  The lavender is really calming for my sometimes sensitive cheeks and also extremely refreshing!  I love this Pure + Simple brand toner so much, I also purchased it in Rose and I put that on my face each evening.  The rose toner is designed to be moisturizing and restorative- perfect for right before bed.
 Must-Have Skin Care Products Lavender


  1. Essential Oil Eye Serum: Here is another example of a concoction I put together. Yes, I do find these recipes online. I am not an expert, so I do not make them up all by myself. I just experiment to find out what works best for me.
    Recipe (made in a roller bottle): 7 drops of Copaiba, 5 drops of Lavender, 5 drops of Frankincense and then fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil
     It was created to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fortunately I do not have either, but I use it as a preventative!  I roll it over the area around my eyes and up to my eyebrows, with a focus on the outside corner (where crows feet like to form) and the dab it in with my ring finger.  Never rub!  Only dab!  Rubbing causes wrinkles.
 Must-Have Skin Care Products Young Living Frankincense
  1. Frankincense Oil: (This was also in the recipe above.) I take 2-3 drops of Frankincense oil rub it in the palm of my hand and then pat it all over my face.  I use the oil “neat”.  This means that I do not add anything to it such as coconut or almond oil.  This is another product that has made a huge difference for my skin.  It is probably the most expensive item on the list, but I think it is totally worth it!  A 15ml bottle gets me through 2 ½ months.
 Must-Have Skin Care Products Essential Oil


  1. Moisturizer: Pure + Simple Skin Drink: I love this moisturizer because it is light but hydrating. I use just one pump, rub it in my hands first, and then pat it all over my face.  When I pat my moisturizer in (instead of rubbing it) then it seems to soak in better and I end up needing less.  When I rub my moisturizer in, I end up feeling like I need an extra pump and then my face is shiny half way through the day.

Must-Have Skin Care Products Rose




There it is, my daily routine with my six must-have skin care products .  I do this EVERY day to keep my skin healthy and looking good.


Let me know if you have any clean skin care brands that you are a fan of!  I would LOVE to try them out!



Urban Decay Naked Pallet

As always, thank you hanging out here with me!  If you have any questions, I am here to help!



With Love,

Fall Sweaters + Date Night Tips

September 13, 2017
Fall Sweaters- Nordstrom
Ready for some fall sweaters you can start wearing now?
Wondering how to style all of these gorgeous sweaters you see online and in your favorite stores?
I’m here to help!  Check out my suggestions below!



Fall Sweaters- light pink

(I couldn’t figure out how to show off the cute bell sleeve posing in the sweater, it is much easier to see it in a layout.  And I would rather you see the sweater details than miss out because of a bad pose in a photo)


Bell sleeves are on trend right now, and I think they are adorable!  You can find them in both sweaters and button down shirts.  I love this heathered pink color.  I have leaned towards blush pinks and olive greens so far this season 😊  This sweater is also light-weight which makes it perfect for the current warm temps.  Also, a word of advice… do not wear bell sleeves when you are going out to dinner for tapas, sushi, Indian, etc.  Your sleeve will drag in the food that you are sharing or dipping and no one wants cotton in their wasabi.
 Fall Sweaters- olive green
Let me just say, I LOVE THIS OLIVE GREEN SWEATER!  I think I have worn it 2x already and it just arrived last week.  But unfortunately when I went back to Nordstrom online to buy it in another color, it was already sold out ☹  But I will keep an eye out and let you know if it comes back in stock.  It is SO cozy, long and soft!  I also love the exposed, off-center seams.  I think it adds a layer of edginess to the sweater.  I have paired all of these sweaters with shorts and booties.  This is exactly how I am wearing them now as the weather is still warm here in St. Louis.  The brands I love for denim shorts are STS Blue and 1822 Denim.
 Fall Sweaters- with thumb holes
Here is another sweater that I have worn weekly since I purchased it in the #NSale aka Nordstrom Sale.  It is made by Zella and I typically love this company for their leggings, but I also love this gray/blue sweater.  Check out the fun details from the thumb holes to the slits on the side and the longer length in the back.  It is super comfy and holds it’s shape really well.  Tip for wearing thumb hole shirts/sweaters: when washing your hands, just undo the thumb holes and push your sleeves up to your wrists.  I know some people who do not like this detail because of the issue when washing your hands, but it is super easy as long as you don’t forget before you put your hands into the water 😊
 Fall Sweaters- navy blue
Last but not least, this super soft sweat shirt.  Ok yes, it is not a sweater!  But I love it so I just had to include it.  Not only is it so comfortable, but it is stylish with the one cold shoulder cut-out.  I love to wear this around the house or when I am grocery shopping, it is so easy to throw on and look good with very little effort.  I also love to wear it with leggings, but that is an outfit for chillier days.


I hope this gave you a comprehensive look at what I am wearing these days and how I am styling my early fall wardrobe.  Finding and styling fall sweaters is easy, when you have helpful inspiration 🙂



So are you enjoying the season change so far?  I know I’m loving the fall flavors at Starbucks!!!  #PSL
This is a great time of year to reconnect with friends or pre-book some amazing date nights.  Everyone is so busy in the summer taking trips, celebrating holidays and we get out of our typical routines.  This is a good time to get back into your groove and spend time with your people.



Fall Sweaters- date night- winery

(Here’s a photo of Ryan and I at a local Winery just recently)


Here are some ideas for fun date nights or weekends with friends:
  • Day trip to the wineries
  • Evening by the firepit
  • Fun yard games like bags (cornhole), washers, frisbee, etc
  • Lazy Sunday BBQ
  • Spa Day! (who doesn’t love a good massage?)
  • Happy Hour out on a patio somewhere with an amazing view or even a rooftop bar 😊



Ok now it’s your turn!  What are some ideas you have to share?  What have you been up to lately or what are your plans this month?


As always, thank you hanging out here with us!  If you have any questions, I am here to help!



With Love,
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Transitional Burgundy Dress and Thoughts on Encouraging Others

September 6, 2017
Transitional Burgundy Dress- Style Blogger
Looking for a comfy yet stylish dress that will get you through late summer (at least the remainder of summer weather) into fall?  This is the perfect, transitional burgundy dress!
 Transitional Burgundy Dress- brunch outfit


Transitional Burgundy Dress- Fall outfit

I love this as an option to throw on for a Sunday brunch, weekday happy hour, or even a day at the winery.  It is really versatile, you can easily dress it up or down.



Transitional Burgundy Dress- happy hour outfit


Transitional Burgundy Dress- date night outfit


Transitional Burgundy Dress- winery outfit



Originally, I saw the dress in pink on Lee Anne from Life by Lee.  Once I saw it online in the wine color, I was sold!  You should totally check out her site she links straight to the dress.  While you’re there, read a few of her posts, I’m sure you will really enjoy them- I know I do!


Empowered women empower other women.  We are here to lift each other up and connect each other with those who inspire us.  Just think of how much good we can do if all of us ladies supported each other…


There is room for us all.  There is no need to compete, steal or waste time on jealousy.


If I am ever stuck in a place where jealousy sneaks up on me and I find myself feeling sad about what someone has, I immediately switch gears and start praying for her success.  I thank God that she creates content that inspires me and I wish her all of the best.


Suddenly my mood changes.  I am no longer focused on my scarcity mindset, I am now encouraged to grow and do more so that one day I will reach more people and help more women.




What other bloggers do you follow?  Who inspires you?  Who gives you encouragement?
Let us know in the comments below!



“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life.” Elsie  de Wolfe
With Love,

Early Fall: BBQ Outfit Style Inspiration

September 4, 2017
BBQ Outfit Style Inspiration
Getting ready to fill your early fall weekends with backyard BBQ’s?
Or maybe you just have one on the calendar for Labor Day weekend.
Either way, here is some BBQ outfit style inspiration and style tips from me to you.




Fall outfit- olive green tunic- tan booties
Most BBQs are pretty casual, but if you end up attending one that is a little more chic I would recommend wearing my first outfit.  The blousy tunic with the booties make it a more polished look.


Fall outfit- denim shorts- red clutch

Now if you are concerned about being chilly at your BBQ, wearing a long sleeve tee like my second look would be a great option.  If you pick a solid tee, make sure to add some fun to the outfit with a statement necklace, fun bootie/shoe, or a color-rich bag.


Fall outfit- gray dress- olive green jacket

Let me just say that I do not think there is anything more comfortable than a dress.  Ok, let me take that back- sweats are definitely more cozy.  But if you are looking for a stylish going out look, then a dress wins the battle.  Add a fitted olive green jacket (or you could swap for denim) and you are ready to party no matter the weather or the low evening temps.



Fall outfit- white tank -colorful scarf

Now if the weather is really hot where you are, but you still want to look put together then throw on a light weight/ colorful scarf to complete your look.  Bandanas are also really in right now.  You can tie them around your neck or wear them as a headband in your hair.



 Toms booties- tan booties- peep toe booties
My last tip is to keep in mind: where the BBQ will be hosted so that you do not end up wearing heels to party where you will be standing in the grass ALL DAY LONG.
That is just the worst!
So you can always opt for a wedge or play it safe in flats.  Both booties I am wearing have a chunky heel which are typically safe in the grass.




Hope this BBQ outfit style inspiration will help you to create your own fun look!  And have fun at all of your early Fall parties!



Thank you for checking out my blog!  Let me know if you have any questions.  I am happy to help!


With Love,  Jamie


How to Style a Black Dress- 5 Ways

August 24, 2017
Multiple Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress
Are you struggling with what to wear, yet again?
Do you feel like everything in your closet has been worn too recently?
Then let me show you how to take an item you’ve already worn and style it in a new way.


Here are 5 ways how to style a black dress for multiple seasons AND multiple occasions:


On It’s Own

How to Style a Black Dress

(WHAT I WORE: simple jewelry, espadrilles, contrasting bag)
First lets wear the dress on it’s own.  You’ve probably done this a handful of times, but it’s a good option. I love this dress because it has cold shoulder cut-outs and it is flowy but the waist is still cinched.  To style the dress where the dress is the centerpiece of the outfit, I added simple gold jewelry, one long necklace and one short, dressy espadrilles, and to add some color I included a contrasting tan bag.
Season: Spring or Summer since the dress is light weight and will keep you cool on warm summer nights
Occasion: I dressed it up with fancier espadrilles so I would wear this out to a nice dinner and/or on date night



How to Style a Black Dress- Belted

(WHAT I WORE: only short necklaces, larger bag for a more casual look, booties also make the dress more casual)
Next, a simple add on that creates a whole new look- belt the dress!  I am actually wearing one of my Dad’s old woven, leather belts which gave the outfit a vintage feel (the belt is pretty worn out, but I love it that way).  When snagging a belt from a family member do not rule out the men in your life.  I love that this belt is big, I just tuck it in on the side to give the length somewhere to go.
When belting a dress or shirt, I prefer to keep my necklaces short.  So I am only wearing one small gold chain.  You can totally layer up necklaces, I just wouldn’t suggest anything that hangs down too close to the belt.  I wore a larger bag in this look to add to the casual feel and same with the suede booties.  Ps these Toms booties are the comfiest pair I own!  I totally recommend them.
Season: Spring or Summer since it would probably be to cold in Fall (at least in St. Louis) to wear without a jacket (see my options below)
Occasion: As a more casual look I would wear this out to coffee or for a fun girls night


Business Casual

How to Style a Black Dress- Blazer

(WHAT I WORE: blazer, skinny belt to give you a waist, short necklace, black pumps)
If you are looking for something to wear to work or to a networking event, this dress is a great option!  You can make it more formal by adding a blazer.  I chose a navy blue blazer so that it wasn’t too matchy-matchy.  A black blazer or a brighter color did not seem professional enough.  But you can be the judge 😊  I cuffed the sleeves on the blazer to make it a little more stylish and a little less business-y.  I also added a beige leather skinny belt to define my waist.  Sometimes when you throw a jacket over a dress, your waistline gets lost in all of the layers, so I like to add a belt over the dress, but under the jacket to add definition.  I chose black pointed toe pumps to complete the outfit.  These are my go to professional business shoes, I love them!
Season: Fall, Winter, or even a cool spring day (or for me, I may wear it in all seasons because I am always cold indoors with the A/C on)
Occasion: Business casual, work or networking events


Leather Jacket (my favorite- casual and edgy)

How to Style a Black Dress- Leather Jacket

(WHAT I WORE: metal statement necklace, chunky bracelets, cuff the sleeves, strappy heels )
Let me just say, I LOVE my leather jacket.  My Dad purchased it for me when I was 15 years old while we were away on vacation in Florida.  I have no clue what store we were at, but I saw that jacket and I had to have it.  And I am so glad he got it for me!  I wear that jacket like it is going out of style, it is my go-to jacket for fall and early spring.  So I thought I would also pair it with this dress for a play on “hard and soft” (leather and metal with flowy and floral).  And I really liked it.  I chose a metal statement necklace, chunky silver bracelets and strappy black heels to round out the look.  The sleeves on my jacket unzip near the wrists so I like to unzip them a little and cuff the sleeve.
Season: Fall or Winter- the jacket will keep you warm, but I would probably switch to boots or booties for the cold winter months
Occasion: Drinks/happy hour, concert


Cozy with a Cardigan

How to Style a Black Dress- Cardigan

(WHAT I WORE: simple jewelry- any length, shorter booties)
As an every day look you can pair this dress with a contrasting cardigan and a cute pair of short booties.  I think wearing a dress is much more comfy than wearing jeans, so when I have a chance I like to find ways to make my dresses cozier.  I kept my jewelry simple, you can wear long or short necklace with this look.  You could also add a belt if you wanted to better define your waist.  I chose not to wear a belt because I was going for comfort as my priorty.
Season: Spring or Fall- you could easily take the cardigan off and tie it around your crossbody bag or even your waist
Occasion: I love this look for a shopping day or even a lunch with friends, dresses are the easiest thing to wear when you know you will be trying on a lot of stuff


Having many options of how to style a black dress in your closet not only gives you more versatility to your wardrobe, but it also makes finding a cute outfit easy when you are in a hurry.
And let’s be real, when aren’t we in a hurry 😊
Have a wonderful day!  And as always, let me know in the comments if you have any questions.



Looking to Donate Your Clothes? Check Out My Top 3 Tips

August 16, 2017
Clothing Donation
Do you have clothes in your closet that you know you haven’t worn in over a year?


Do you have shoes that you might wear one day, but let’s be honest, you’ve been saying one day for years now…?


Then girl, you have clothes ready and waiting to be donated!


This week I have gathered a bunch of clothes that are still in good condition, I just haven’t worn them in a while, and I am packing them up to give them away.


Here are my clothing donation tips for anyone who is unsure how to donate or how to make that tough call if you are ready to give an item away or not.


  1. The number one question is WHERE? Who the heck do I donate to?  My suggestion on “Where” to donate is to find a company that you believe in and that you trust to give your clothes to people in need.  A lot of companies out there have excess inventory in donations and your gifts end up sitting in a pile in a closet for months or in the worst-case scenario, they are thrown away.  Yikes!  I currently give to The Children’s Home Society of Missouri.  I love them because they are trust-worthy and they make it SUPER easy to donate.  I just gather my clothes, put them in a plastic/paper bag, label the bag, and leave it on my porch on my designated morning for pick up.  Another group of people to keep in mind are your friends and family.  They might put your cute clothes to good use.  I always let my mom go through my donation pile first, and she usually can find at least one item that she loves!



dress and sweater



  1. How often should I donate? The real question is, how often should you clean out your closet 😊  I would suggest cleaning out your closet per season or after each large shopping trip.  Which is exactly how I do it.  I go through every, last item in my closet and I ask myself these questions:
    1. Have I worn this in the past year? If yes, then go on to the next question.  If no, then I suggest giving it away.
    2. Does this item still look good on me? Does it fit well? Is it flattering?  Is it a classic style or still on trend?  Is it still in good shape?  Am I at least 99% sure I will wear it again soon?  If your answer is yes, then keep it.  If your answer to any of these questions is no, then give it to someone who WILL look amazing in that item.



little black dress donation



  1. On the flip side, here is what you should NOT donate:
    1. Clothes with stains, holes (that should not be there, ie: holes from moths), or anything completely worn out aka “too loved” 😊
    2. Also, I would recommend keeping items that are classic and well made. I know that I still love to rummage through my grandma’s closet and my mom’s closet for awesome vintage/classic finds.  And I want to be able to have items to pass down to my (future) kids and grandkids one day too.  Here is what I am not giving away: designer shoes or bags, leather jackets, designer LBDs, leather belts, and fun jewelry.  These items will stand the test of time and can be worn again. By you or someone you love.



 skirt and cardigan




Still looking for reasons to donate your clothes?
Here are my top 3:
  1. To do good; do the right thing. “When someone has been given much, much will be required in return.” Luke 12:48b NLT
  2. Keep your closet organized and clutter free. You should never be in fear of your closet rack falling down on you and you should always be able to easily see what clothes are clean and ready to wear.
  3. And last but not least, the days of “I have nothing to wear!” should be few and far between. When you know what you have and don’t have any excess then you should be able to find what you are looking for with ease and then also know what you need to replenish.



Ok, so I just threw a lot of information your way.
But here is where I would start.


Go through your closet TODAY.  Pull out everything you should give away.  Take photos.  See if friends or family would be interested in trying any of them on.  If so, put those items aside.  Then bag up the rest.  TOMORROW (unless you are feeling ambitious, then feel free and do this next step today), do some research and find a great company or non-profit to donate your clothes to and sign up to give them away.

Clothes can change you, and you can change the world!

Let me know if you have any questions or are looking for suggestions on where to donate in your area.  I’d be happy to help in any way I can!